Reasons to rent an office space

With many businesses making a shift towards working from home, the idea of owning a costly office space is fading. Alternatively many businesses are now looking for a more flexible way of having office space. 

If your business isn’t quite sure if buying an office space is the best solution then renting may be a better alternative. In this blog we will be looking into why renting may be a better cost-effective solution.

Cost effective

Renting an office space can help save your business quite a bit of money. Not only does renting mean that your capital isn’t all invested in a property, it also means you don’t need to worry about buying office furniture, equipment and fittings. At M54 Space Centre all office furniture is fully supplied for. 

Rent a smaller space

Renting a smaller space may be a perfect solution over buying an entire office space, if employees are working from home for periods of time. Even if the office space is used for meetings and team projects it will still remain an empty office space for the majority of the time. This means you will be paying for utilities and other expenses for an unused space. 

In correlation to this renting a smaller space can help solve issues to working remotely as you will still have an office space to work from when required. Combined with M54 Space Centre’s meeting rooms available to rent if you did have a big meeting then there are rooms to facilitate your needs.

Flexible terms

With office space rentals offering flexible terms then you eliminate the added stresses when it comes to selling a commercial property which in itself can become expensive. It also means your business will have the opportunity to size up or down depending on how you use the office space.  With office spaces ranging from 1 to 10 workstations we have sizes available to suit your business size. 

With flexible terms you can also decide how long to rent the office space for. When you buy a property you will be stuck in that space until it can be sold so when the company comes to change offices there is a longer process to take. 

Here at M54 Space Centre we have office space rentals available and competitive pricing. We offer flexible terms and our office comes fully equipped with furniture and equipment. Contact us today to find an office space perfect for your business.