Light industrial units: what are they and why are they beneficial?

Businesses across the UK have been benefiting from light industrial units for many years. Offering a versatile workspace the spaces provide a valuable asset for all business types from retailers to sports clubs and gyms. 

When searching for a light industrial unit for your business, one of the very first decisions that needs to be made is whether purchasing the property or renting would be better for the business. Whilst owning has some benefits, in recent years, renting an industrial unit has become the preferred choice. 

What is a light industrial unit?

Whilst there is no distinct definition for light industrial units, this term is commonly used for work units that are smaller than 120,000 square feet. Light industrial units are typically open plan offering plenty of spacing for any storage. 

Due to the size these storage units are available to a wide range of different businesses. The increase in small businesses has led to an increase in the number of people discovering the benefits of industrial units. 

Typical business who invest in industrial units

  •  Production & manufacturing
  • Retailers
  • Gyms/sports clubs 
  • Art

Benefits of light industrial units

Accessibility: at M54 Space Centre our units have been designed with storage in mind. With high ceilings, plenty of open space and accessibility for deliveries both in and out.

Functionality: the units are designed to meet your needs with an additional option to have an office attached. Running a business from one location has never been easier. 

Security: with on-site security and CCTV surveillance, combined with strong locking systems and shutters our industrial units are secured at all times

At M54 Space Centre we have a range of light industrial units for rent in Telford, Shropshire. Simply get in touch with our team on 01952 683680 or contact us.