Why offsite document storage is better than in-house storage

If you’re looking for a long-term and secure place to store all your documents then our indoor document storage facility is perfect. Not only saving you on workspace, our internal document storage can also offer a safe and more accessible solution than in-house archiving. 

Remote access 

With key access to each storage locker you can set out who can access the records. Offsite document storage allows for stricter security policies to be correctly enforced too, with key access required staff at M54 Space Centre can deny intruders access to your records immediately.

Better reliability

Monitoring records can take up more time than you imagine. If left unchecked and neglected storage can become messy with records being damaged from poor ventilation and other environmental factors. Off-site document storage can help to keep records safe at all times. With the indoor storage facility being humidity-free and dry the usability and stability of your documents will be increased. With different storage racks available to choose from you can get your library of documents in order. 

A common issue in most businesses is that in-house archive rooms can quickly become cramped and overcrowded making it difficult to access and organise. This makes the process of keeping track of sensitive documents difficult. Off-site document storage eliminates this problem, plus with different storage sizes available you can ensure to only hire the space that you need. 

Avoid damage and unforeseen disasters

Off-site document storage can also serve as a backup location or a secure holding spot for any records or important documents, protecting them from damage. 

In addition to this by only offering access to required personnel you can reduce the chances of any human error causing damage to records. 

Regulatory compliance

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR), archived storage must meet the data protection standards. This applies to paper documents as much as it does digital. Any data you collect should be managed correctly and disposed of when no longer useful. Through investing in long-term document security can ensure this happens. This means that off-site document storage can contribute to ensuring you are fully legal and liability-free. 

Document storage with M54 Space Centre

At M54 Space Centre we offer indoor document storage in Shropshire. Our document storage facilities offer easy access as often as you need, with 24/7 CCTV and manned security on site. We are committed to offering a top-quality document storage service, so you can be assured your documents will be safely and securely stored with us at competitive storage prices. To find out more about our document storage click here.