Benefits of barber suite rental

Whilst renting your own barber suite offers many benefits including becoming your own boss and launching your business there are a few things you should consider. With this in mind we have listed almost everything you need to know to help you get on track to renting a barber suite. 

What’s the difference between barber suite rental and chair rental?

A barber suite allows professionals with the opportunity to own their own shop without the risks associated with owning an entire building e.g. overheads and expenses. This means you can have the luxury of owning your business without the stress, risks and costs of taking ownership of the building. The landlord will ensure to take care of the building’s upkeep and maintenance, you will simply be required to pay the rent and abide by any rules and regulations set out in your agreement. 

In comparison chair rental, or booth rental, implies that you rent a space within a barber shop. This means that technically you’re not running your own business but you are still not working under a boss. When renting a barber chair you will typically need to follow the rules and regulations set out by the person running the barber shop despite not being their employee. This means you do not get to make decisions about how you operate the space or choose to decorate it. 

Is renting a barber suite a good decision for your business?

Now that there is a clear difference between renting a barber suite and renting a barber chair it’s now time to determine which one will work best. Renting a barber suite is often the best choice for talented professionals who have an entrepreneurial streak. 

An obvious benefit to renting a suite is that you will be your own boss, you will have the freedom to run the barber shop how you wish and you would only need to abide by the landlord’s rules. It also means you eliminate the concern about shared revenue whilst you will have to deduct a cost for renting the barber suite all profits will be yours. 

Smaller benefits include the ability to have creative freedom, whilst working for someone else does come with its own benefits, established barber shops will often have set ways in which they like to do things and they often expect their employees to follow. When renting your own barber suite you will have full control on the customer’s experiences. 

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